Frentech Aerospace s.r.o. has many technologies and devices for testing. The company offers following tests for space industry activities:

  • Thermal cyclic testing with controlled humidity within the temperature range of +200°C/ -180°C
  • Thermal cycling testing performed in vacuum +150°C / -170°C
  • Shock testing in liquid nitrogen
  • Contamination measuring of particle contamination for the ISO5 and ISO7 conditions (Pamas SBSS WG particle counting system)
  • Measuring of molecular contamination for the ISO5 and ISO7 conditions (Bruker Tensor II FTIR spectrometer)
  • Geometric and dimension testing
  • Vacuum tightness tests
  • Specific testing required for particular mechanisms. Special testing equipment is manufactured for these purposes
  • Inspection and setting of torque wrenches
  • Conductivity testing

Additional tests (vibration testing, radiation testing and others) are arranged through qualified sub-suppliers