Clean rooms

Strengthening the company’s activities in the space industry is one of the strategic objectives of Frentech Aerospace. This is why clean rooms were established for activities associated with the space industry. The clean rooms are divided into several parts and their technical parameters comply with the requirements of the ISO 14644 standard. A system for continual measuring and monitoring of the cleanliness in the relevant room is installed in all parts of the clean operation and the output data is continuously saved and archived. Work within the clean rooms is defined by internal regulations. The following clean rooms are available:

  • Clean assembly room with cleanliness according to ISO7 (10 000). Assembly operations and certain testing are carried out in this room. Thermal testing chamber (Angelantoni) for cyclic thermal tests is located here.
  • Inspection workplace with cleanliness according to ISO7 (10 000). 3D measuring machine Mitutoyo is located here. 
  • Clean assembly room with cleanliness according to ISO5 (100). Technology for final cleaning of parts and tools is located here.

The equipment for measuring of contamination placed in the clean room is capable of measuring particulate and molecular contamination on witness samples in the conditions of ISO5.

Space for transferring material and components and a space for the Molykote Z application adjoin the clean rooms.

Parts are cleaned on a special cleaning line according to the internal standards governing this process.